Short Term Vision:
To AID in the LIFE SHIFT and Transformation of 2000 lives in 2016

Through online programs, workshops, collaborative projects, getting out in the community, free resources and 1 on 1 services. 
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Who are we for?​

Inspire Destiny is for people looking to SHIFT things in their life.

Achieve the personal change you really desire!
Whether your struggle is physical,
emotional, mental, or metaphysical
you can make the change!

Do you want to:

Quit smoking?
Start a business?
Move forward with a goal?
Shift extra weight?
Improve your sense of well-ness and inner peace?
Feel more excitement in your life?
Reach a new level of balance?

How will you feel?

Confident in your ability to achieve your desires.
A growing sense of well-ness and balance.
Supported and Encouraged.
Excited for a bright life and future.
Cheryl McCrosson - Creative Director of Untame Your Flame, Facilitator of Free Expression at Zumba with Cheryl Sydney, Writer, Speaker, Messenger of Love 
"Cynthia is a highly courageous woman with the spirit of a loving warrior. She has had the most profound impact on me through the embodiment of and commitment to her truth regardless of whether it is accepted or challenged by others. 

I have experienced many challenges, emotional and energetic blocks within the throat chakra which has led to me suppress my truth for fear that voicing that would result in uncomfortable, confronting situations. Cynthia unconsciously gave me permission to express my truth unapologetically and to explore aspects of myself that I had previously kept hidden or were lying beneath my conscious awareness for fear that I would be judged or rejected if I revealed them.

Her energetic support and strong presence gave me the confidence to start exposing, loving and seeing the benefits of the aspects of myself that I had disowned and rejected in order to fit in with those around me.

Cynthia has a wealth of knowledge and so much learned and intuitive wisdom to share with people.​ Her insights and perspectives are very powerful for positively shifting limited thinking which subsequently opens up your awareness to new possibilities and ideas. "
Becky Gray - Personal Trainer, Coach and CEO at Courageous You, Fitness Model and Competitor, Writer, Speaker and Thought Leader
"Cynthia has helped shape the strong, determined, focused woman I am today. She leads by example and gives everything 100%. The coaching and mentoring has been absolutely phenomenal and the amount of positive changes that have occurred in my life since we have been working together has been fantastic. What I love the most is the accountability Cynthia offers and her never give up attitude. I am beyond grateful to have Cynthia as my mentor."